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Capturing the attention of your users has never been so easy


min  of conversation

entertaining chatbot characters talk in your brands voice


% user retention

users chat permanently on your FB  messenger


% of user requests

get answered by your chatbots without any operator


billion users monthly on FB

can access your brand chatbot


Our Chatbots create cutting edge online marketing campaigns
Innovative ideas
Creative and intelligent solutions

Our Semantic Agents give likers of your Facebook page a new communication experience! Integrating your business with Social Media helps to make it easier to make a personal connection with your followers and fans. Nowadays it’s not enough to just have a Social page/Fan-page. An agent will enable your company to establish a personal connection with your followers and fans.

Analyze your user data
Fully equiped dashboard included

Evermore we depend on our devices – making investing in Semantics and social commerce highly profitable. As Social commerce will continue to advance, so will the demand from customers– therefore a must have for businesses and companies wishing to keep up with customer needs and demands - for this we analyze your chat data

Totally entertaining
Real personalities answer client requests

Giving online support with entertainment characters is a new category of service that let characters and customers talk to each other.
Our agents will provide your clients with 24h customer support – this will lead to growth in customers and fan base because you will be connecting personally and making it personal. 

First class customer service 
Save costs and get profound user profils

We provide first class, one-to-one customer service round the clock 24-7 so nomatter where in the world or what time it is your business will be able to assist your customers on a personal level without the expense of a 24h call centre but with all the same perks. 



A conversational Chatbot is sophisticated virtual intelligence, able to converse with users as if talking to a person rather than a computer - about generic topics as well as focusing on very specific intelligence that caters to the needs of a company
Our chatbots will allow your Facebook audience to chat through Facebook, whilst taking advantage of intuitive communication using a colloquial form of speech. 


Social commerce will continue to develop and advance, so will the demand from customers – therefore a must have for businesses and companies wishing to keep up with customer needs and demands.
The faster and proactive your business is in providing services the more likely that those services will be booked through your company rather than another.


• It will improve your brand image and likability.
• No waiting around – Our Agents will be able to assist hundreds of users simultaneously without any waiting time or call back.
• Lower costs – No need for ‘Human’ operators Semantic Agent is all that will be required to fulfill your customer requests.
• Higher revenue – by the acquisition of a broader clientele gained from the use of Social Technology, especially in the industry if you have products and servicers available to purchase on the spot.


Integrating Semantic Agent into your business will broaden your target market, as it is considered of latest trend for businesses to use Semantic Technology as part of they customer service strategy to attract a younger audience. 

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