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Wikifriend creates voice assistants with data privacy by design

We integrate Natural Language Processing, Campaign Management, Business Intelligence Reports and Analytics

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Wikifriend is shortlisted for the 10 Most Intelligent Automation Solutions Providers in 2019

Wikifriend offers a platform which uses artificial intelligence-driven conversational technology to facilitate access to digital content that would otherwise require articulated steps for enjoyment. The platform allows businesses to offer a continuous support service guaranteeing a personalized conversational level improving the customer experience.

Wikifriend is a human-to-machine conversational interface that facilitates the use of complex computer applications for any person, simply by using voice commands. In a word: inclusion, therefore innovation.


Emphatic and interactive voice assistants from Wikifriend

Maria Krausch, Co-Founder of Wikifriend in an interview with Deep Tech Berlin. develops particularly innovative AI-based language assistants for marketing campaigns, Why our software is much better than other voice assistants? Which technological methods does the Wikifriend software use to analyse the spoken word in order to respond to questions and requests in real time? How does Wikifriend protect the personal data of users?


Wikifriend at Nanjing Tech Week & Slush 

Techcode Accelerator Germany selected Wikifriend to present their product at Nanjing Tech Week 2019.06.26 - 2019.06.29 to over 100,000+ Chinese visitors and network with 5,000+ tech professionals from the globe. Visit our booth at 6cb01 Hall 6!
NJ Techweek is the main innovation & technology event in 2019 in Nanjing. The event will cover 40.000 sqm, 16 Industry specific conferences, world famous SLUSH Conference (celebrated for the first time ever outside of Shanghai), a pitching and matching programme for innovative corporates, SME's and startups.


Wikifriend Virtual Assistant

Storytelling should be the number one priority for marketers. Using a good story to describe a brand´s message is the job of our Virtual Assistants. Using virtual assistants in conjunction with user personalization algorithms for the content and the Facebook Messenger as the publication channel has been a success and our Publisher clients experience average OpenRates 80% and average Click Through Rates 60%. 

Wikifriend Smart Home

Wikifriend offers turn-key solutions or custom solutions for Smart Home management. Our technology can be integrated with privacy by design (on premise) into smart speakers or home servers. Our solution runs locally and guarantees the users privacy: user personal data will not spread across third parties servers, and will not be used for companies benefits.

Wikifriend Health Care

Health Care is the field where virtual assistants improves more the user experience. Assisted living turns your home into a personal retirement home. Get all the benefits of a nursing home remaining into your personal environment. HappySalus creates solutions for people that need to be monitored by Health Care devices. Using these can be not so easy and using Voice Control will help a lot the daily operations.

Wikifriend Virtual Tours

Wikifriend Virtual Tours product is ideal for Real Estate Luxury Home Tours, Virtual Museum Tours and Archaeological Site Tours. Real estate agents can improve their chances at getting more buyers through virtual home tours. We offer interactive tours which allows the customers to discover the new home at their own pace. 

Wikifriend Customer Relationship Management

Wikifriend CRM is the future of Customer Service Automation. We work on top of solutions like salesforce or hubspot saving operator engagement for dead chats and villan aggression (level 0 - saving operator time and then companies costs). Fulfilling the activities of a Marketing and CRM area is more than answering questions in an automated chat. Wikifriend is an independent platform based on a proprietary technology that creates dynamic contents targeted for the unique user.

Wikifriend Events & Trade Shows

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Ask for a free trial period of 3 weeks to test our solution. Get in contact with us and we´ll send you pricing & plans. 

Wikifriend is a plattform which applies Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Assistants, Chatbots Smart Home, Health Care, CRM and Virtual Tours

Campaigning tools
Business Intelligence
PaaS or on premise


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