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No coding

Build your semantic
agent with a few clicks,
with no need to code



Get your customers
straight to the point with our
leading conversation



Take the benefits of
using semantic
snippets from our



Target your customers with
personalized content using
our campaign management


Our Chatbots create cutting cutting-edge online marketing campaigns 
Innovative ideas
Creative and intelligent solutions

Our Semantic Agents give Facebook likes a new communication experience! Integrating your business with social media make it easier to personalize the connection with your followers and fans. It’s not enough today to just have a social media / fan page. An agent allows your company to establish a personal connection with your followers and fans.

Analyze your user data
Fully equiped dashboard included

We depend on our devices more and more – making investments in Semantics and social commerce highly profitable. As social media commerce continues to advance, so does the demand from customers, making it a must have for businesses and companies wishing to keep up with customer needs and demands – that’s why we analyze your chat data.

Best communication
Real personalities answer client requests

Providing online support with engaging characters is a new category of service that lets characters and customers talk to each other.
Our agents provide your clients with 24-hour customer support, leading to more customers and a larger fan base through personal connections.

First class customer service 
Save costs and get insight into user profiles

We provide first class one-on-one customer service around the clock 24-7. No matter where in the world or what time it is, your business can assist your customers on a personal level without the expense of a 24-hour call center, but with all the same perks.

Stay close with artificial intelligence 

We help you engage with your audience by:
- Increasing your social media presence;
- increase your page likes by directly engaging with your target audience;
- Creating authentic relationships and long-term customers.
To make the user experience seamless we integrate the service into your online channels, such as Facebook and your website, so there will be no need to download apps.

Get to know your customers

Our Business Intelligence tools, including: analytics dashboards, reports and push notifications for promotional campaigns, allow you to analyse your customers interaction as well as monitoring and managing all inquiries in one centralised place.

Increase your direct sales 

Increase your direct non-commissionable web business  through Social Media Messenger.
No need to use OTAs which ask you commission.

We make it personal

Knowing your customers by their: gender, name, & DOB and responding to them in their preferred language is what being a well-informed concierge is all about!
We make it personal by getting to know the user and communicating to them in such a way that they feel understood and valued as a customer. This type of interaction creates long-standing, loyal customers. 


A conversational chatbot is sophisticated artificial intelligence, able to converse with users as if talking to a person.
Attract more audience to your Facebook page & website by adding our automated Chatbot to your services. Wikifriend is capable to provide proactive customer service by connecting with clients in real-time anytime. The Chatbot interacts through conversation and provides resources such as videos, photos and documents to assist with any aspects of the customers booking. 


Proprietary semantic engine
• characterization and personality
• user personalization
• leading conversation
• sentiment analysis
• emotional conversation
• targeted answers and promotions
• predefined knowledge snippets with marketplace.

• virtual agent content management system
• machine learning tools
• analytics with dashboard
• business intelligence reports
• campaigns with subscriptions for pushing notifications
and promotions targeting segmented groups all cooperating in real-time


• It will improve your brand image and likability.
• No waiting around – Our agents are able to assist hundreds of users simultaneously without any waiting time or call back.
• Lower costs – No need for ‘human’ operators. Semantic Agent is all that is required to meet your customer requests.
• Higher revenue – Acquire a broader clientele by using social commerce technology, especially if you have products and servicers available to purchase on the spot.


min  of conversation

Entertaining chatbot characters talk in your brand’s voice


% user retention

User always chat on FB Messenger


% of user requests

Are answered by your chatbots without any operator intervention


billion users monthly on FB

Can access your brand chatbot


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