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AI Powered Semantic Analysis

We use our Proprietary Algorithms and Deep Learning to analyse Natural Language conversations. Our technology is able to identify in real-time thousands of concepts from conversations that helps our customers to know the needs and the expectations of their users.

Our platform manages the entire process
of Marketing and
Back Office Customer Relationship Management

Fulfilling the activities of a Marketing and CRM area is more
than answering questions in an automated chat.
Wikifriend is an independent platform based on a
proprietary technology that create dynamic contents targeted for
the unique user. We profile users and
 create a personal communication both in the live chat. 
 We offer a set of services to power the analysis and the
user segmentation extracted from the natural language conversations.

Dynamic conversation

We create a specific content based on a range of environment data such as user gender, preferences, sentiment, profiling. The conversation will never be repetitive or impersonal.

Proactive conversation

We help the conversation to lead to a specific topic, while we continue to answer to any different question. The core of the message will never get lost.

Realtime semantic identification

Our solution is able to identify concepts, dates, geographic locations, personalities, complex expressions, mood and connect the semantic relation in the conversation. Wikifriend will assist the conversation like a personal assistant:

Personalized content
is king for marketing

Semantic marketing and contextual advertising
are fast growing in the last years. We profile and
build specific knowledge for any communication
context, creating a satisfying customer journey. 
Our background services capture the conversations
and allows us to adapt the user profile and the
content of the message. The semantic knowledge
is adapted to the brand image. 

Integrated tools to manage Campaigns, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our platform integrates the Core Semantic Engine, the Campaign Management, the Business Intelligence reporting and the Analytic Dashboard. All the data and the profiling of the users concurs into a global personalized experience of communication and learning about brands strength. 



• Brand reputation
• Customer Relationship Management
• Social Marketing
• Automotive
• Travel
• Media and Broadcasting
• Survey programs 



• Banking
• Healthcare
• Insurance 


Internet of Things

• Voice Apps
• Ambient Assisted Living 


The first idea of the Wikifriend platform started in 2006, when one of the co-founders participated in a project leaded by the university of Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy. In 2016, when the Semantic Marketing started to grow, we incorporated our start-up Wikifriend in 2017 in Berlin, Germany.