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Wikifriend Health Care 

Wikifriend HappySalus HELTHIA Voice Command

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We cooperate with HappySalus with our Voice Assistants. 

  1. Healthcare is the field where Voice Assistants improve the user experience. HappySalus creates solutions for people that need to be monitored by healthcare devices. Using these can be not so easy and using Voice Control will help a lot the daily operations.Totally customizable, the HappySalus suite is currently composed of 9 vertical for the different needs of customer companies: The methodology patented by Healhtia is composed of 4 elements:
  2. MONITORING: The monitoring of physiological parameters operated with medical devices, wearable and portable, and a complete and intuitive APP for smartphones and tablets, both Android and IOS. The monitored data includes: heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, sleep quality, body mass index, calories consumed, biochemical blood parameters and much more. 
  3. ALGORITHMIC  The algorithmic operation and management of big data, following the indications from our Scientific Committee made up of internationally renowned researchers, is in continuous development, and is aimed at:  a.) To realize a synthesis of the state of health personalized suggesting the "next step" for the pre-vention. b.) Stimulate the use of advanced predictive diagnostics in a customized manner. c.) Formulate 'ad hoc' health plans.  d) To guide users in adopting healthy models and behaviours based on objective self-diagnosis data.
  4. ENGAGEMENT ED HAPPYMARKET  Engagement with the end user, consisting of 8 elements, with the aim of maintaining a lasting, proactive and participatory relationship; it involves purchases in APP, PayPerUse or included, depending on the subscription purchased:  a) Basic alerts: warnings on non-standard personal parameters b) Complex Alerts: developed on parameters interpreted through interaction with an artificial intelligence engine. c) One2one Tips: lifestyle and behavioural tips. d) Social media engagement: information on preventive medicine, well-being, longevity, new frontiers of food and supplements. e) Happy Community: newsletters, blogs, forums, personalized mailings, thematic videos, peer-to-peer health community. f) Health Optimization Path: customized medical protocols. g) Happy Gift: rewarding system for virtuous behaviour and continuous use of the device. h) HappyMarket: Supplements, new devices, innovative diagnostics, micro insurance policies, agreements with diagnostic centers, gyms, spas and much more. 
  5. BIG DATA PROCESSING AND HEALT H The personalized dashboard and in self-service for the customer, the data history for the registered user, harmonized to obtain the best with 2 distinct aims: a new overview to achieve the optimization of welfare costs in the health sector; and new awareness for improving one's health.

Wikifriend is a plattform which applies Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Assistants, Smart Home, Health Care and Computer Vision

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