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Click on TRY to access to the Wikifriend Semantic Platform. In order to use our API, you must request a token that will identify the agent you want to use. Click on DOC to read the API documentation.

Reference for the API Answer

This api provides access to the Wikifriend Semantic Engine. In order to access to this api, you must provide in the header the wikiclone code that identifies the agent you want to query.


fieldpossible valuesis required
wikiagentThe agent-id provided by wikifriend.net.yes
usernameThe username of the sender of the message.yes if guest is not valued.
guestAllow access to guest usersyes if guest is not valued.
questionThe question to send to the Semantic Engine.yes
force_subscription0 do not force username subscription
1 force username subscription.
outputjson, xml, html, textyes
languagethe ISO 639-1 code of the language.yes
of results

Question Payload 

field  possible values is required
text The text of the question.yes
ask_for_metadata0 or 1no
using_repeating_answers0 or 1.no
extra_dataan xml string defining extra data.no
of results

Post Processed Answer details 

field descriptionis optional
post_processed_answerA message describing specific events composed during post processing.yes
of result

Answer item details

field descriptionis optional
answer The text of the answer.no
themeThe theme of the answer.yes
contextThe context of the answer.yes
snippetThe snippet used by this answer.yes
sequence_number The sequence id of the given answer.no
answer_scoreThe score of the given answer. Higher is the score, more accurate is the answer.no
tagsTags linked to this answer.yes
labelA label describing this answer topic.yes
categoryThe category of this answer.yes
sub_categoryThe sub category of this answer.yes
answer_languageThe language of the returned answer.yes
is_agent_answer Specifies if the returned answer was given by the agent.no
is_dummy_answerSpecifies if the returned answer is not part of the specific knowledge.no
is_dummy_floor_answerSpecifies if the returned answer is a floor.no
is_suggestion_answerSpecifies if the returned answer is a suggestion.no
is_international_questionSpecifies if the question was expressed with an International slang.no
is_dialog_in_progressSpecifies if there is a dialogue in progress.no
is_dialogue_answerSpecifies if the returned answer is part of a dialogue.no
delaySpecifies if there must be a delay before answering to the next question.no
of results

Response codes

code reason
404The service is not authorized.
of results

Wikifriend is a plattform which applies Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Assistants, Chatbots Smart Home, Health Care, CRM and Virtual Tours

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